Born to Be Wild

True story of rape, murder, deception – and the manufacturing and distribution of meth.

The book drags you into the misogynistic world of outlaw motorcycle gangs, places you behind prison bars, and pins a badge on your chest  as you pursue the bad guys.

Caribbean Queen

Sexy … Police Procedural … Murder Mystery … Love story

Charlie Chan, Colombo, Sonny Crockett, & Theo Kojak would be proud to solve this mystery.

Twists & turns, beginning to end

Eagles QBs A to Z

From Irv Kupcinet to Carson Wentz – every quarterback who played for the Philadelphia Eagles since the team’s inception in the NFL.

Alphabetically, they range from Rick Arrington to Roy Zimmerman.

In addition to being football players, many became interesting characters outside of football. Many also became answers to trivia questions.


Birth of the Birds

Who, what, where, when, and how the Philadelphia Eagles NFL franchise came into existence. Correcting misconceptions, dispelling notions, and introducing a cast of interesting characters.

Did you know:

A Ziegfield Follies showgirl bankrolled the original purchase?

Steelers founder Art Rooney once owned the Eagles?

the Innocent Man

America’s Best Crime Writer loves the “hard-boiled” sub-genre where sex and violence are treated as facts of life and the good-guy, in order to solve the crime, must confront danger, engage in violence, and risk his own life.

In this case, Stanley Zaleski must accomplish all of the above while at the same time trying to prove his innocence. You see, he’s been wrongfully accused of committing five felonies and one misdemeanor.

None of which he committed.

And, of yeah, there’s always a love-story involved.


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