Caribbean Queen Give Away

Caribbean Queen Give Away

To Crime Fiction Lovers

America’s Best Crime Writer is giving away CARIBBEAN QUEEN.

What is CARIBBEAN QUEEN, you say?

  • sexy
  • police procedural
  • murder mystery
  • love story.

I’m not Thomas Edison, but I am conducting an experiment.

If you wish to participate, you’ll receive one chapter per day. Since there are 38 Chapters plus an Epilogue, it will take 39 days to consume the whole book.

Like I said, an experiment. May work well, may not. That’s why it’s called an experiment.

Working out the technical details. Should be ready to go in a day or two.


2 Replies to “Caribbean Queen Give Away”

  1. Hello Barry. I would be interested in participating in this experiment. Thank you and always enjoying your car shares. God bless and have a great weekend

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