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  1. Barry!!,…It’s Bill Fox,(Holiday spa/Wildwood{NJ},Hollywood{Fl} lifeguard/medic.,….I’m @ (321) 506-9388 in/at/ON Cape Canaveral Beach,Fl.,….You’re in a (GREAT) class of your own.,…..Gimme’ a shout,….PLEASE say a big HEY!!!, to the “Gaff”.Thanks partner.Bless you,Barry and a big THANKS for all the PATIENCE you’ve shown me.

    1. Fox – how ya doin’? I post a picture of you & me in your chair down on the beach in Hollywood – Gaff was in town about a month ago – we went out a couple times – he’s been living i California since the ’90s – married one of the aerobics girls from Centre Square – always loved you – here’s my email – barrybowe44@gmail.com – great to hear from you – I’ll give you a call soon.

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