Mariah & Hasina

Mariah & Hasina

Saw a picture of Mariah Carey yesterday on Facebook – couldn’t believe the way she looks. But it also conjured up a memory from decades ago.

Somewhere in my archives I have an undercover surveillance shot of Mariah Carey inspecting a marijuana field in Jamaica. She’s accompanied by Hasina Pattani. You know who Mariah is, but doubt most of you don’t know Hasina.

I first met Hasina when she joined the Holiday Spa I managed in Center City Philadelphia during the early 1980s – beautiful girl from Afghanistan, dynamite body. She owned a modeling agency in Manhattan, where she met Mariah Carey.

Hasina & her husband Lou were also dealing marijuana – pretty much big time. Lou was also a member of the spa. Knew him, got along with him well.

In 1989, Hasina obtained a protection order at the county courthouse in Media. Seems Lou once held a gun to her head and threatened to kill her. Another time he threw a beer bottle and hit her in the face. A third time he tried to choke her. So, they separated.

Hasina was a ring-girl in one of the Rocky movies – Rocky V, I believe – & Sly Stallone was squiring her. She was already under surveillance by Yeadon P.D. for her marijuana activities and Sly’s limo was seen regularly, picking her up & dropping her off at her home in Yeadon. Which is where somebody blew her brains out & slit her throat in October of 1991.

Lou became the immediate suspect. By then, I’d left the Spa, spent a few years in the islands, and was now writing articles about true murder cases for the detective magazines. In other words, starting out on the road to becoming America’s Best Crime Writer.

Went to C.I.D. headquarters one day to interview Det. Joe Oberg about another homicide case he was handling. As I was entering, Lou was also entering, to be questioned. We were always on good terms, so we exchanged greetings. That was the last time I ever saw him. Between you and me, if detectives weren’t rushing him into an interrogation room, I woulda asked him if he did it.

A search of his apartment near Lindberg Blvd. uncovered 35 pounds of marijuana and $67,828 in cash. But there was never any evidence or any eyewitnesses to tie him to the murder. Last time I checked, it was still an unsolved crime – or, as TV likes to call it, a cold case. He’s still a suspect, as is another male who was involved with Hasina in a “deal” that went sour.

Can’t find the damn file – means I put it somewhere safe. Who knows where that is? Hafta keep looking.

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